Online Dance Competition Season 2

$850 prize
for  the best  studio

​Prize includes:

  • Facebook Advertising campaign Setup from Commprendo valued at $120

  • Financial "Debug" Session for you Studio with Marcel Wasserman valued at $300 

  • Limited Edition Artwork by Johnny Allison valued at $150

  • Online strategy meeting by Lamont IT for equipping  your studio for online integration valued at $60

  • 5 hours of Online IT Support from Lamont IT valued at $220

A minimum of 5 entries per studio is required to qualify for this prize. The award will go to the studio with the most number of finalists.

Studios can get 30% of their contestants entry fees. Enquire Here

Studios can take advantage of our Studio partnership program to bring these workshops and other services into their studios or to their students at homes as a means to better their offerings to their students and as an additional revenue stream by taking advantage of the massive discounts given to you as a studio.

Our Studio Partnership Program is broken down into the different dance styles and based on 1 workshop ( in the style of choice ) per month. As a partner you will also get a 50% discount on all other workshops every month and 50% discount on tickets for the Online Dance Competitions.

Our services include: 

  1. Weekly Online Workshops: Hosted by international Dance Professionals 

  2. Dancefit: Subscribers can take advantage of our Monthly Dancefit Challenges and daily prerecorded Dancefit routines to keep in shape while having fun. 

  3. Custom workshops and Group classes: Ideal for studios who want to bring international experience into their studios to benefit their Students 

  4. Choreography: Get your Students Choreography and routines designed by some of the best in their respective industries or send it in for video analysis. 

  5. Move with Passion: Darren Hammonds Personal Development Quests are uniquely designed to help anyone be a better version of themselves both on and off the dancefloor. 

  6. Mentorship: Our Mentorship programs are designed to help dancers in the day to day lives as dancers but more importantly as they build up to their competitions. 

  7. Teacher Training Courses: Aimed at Dancers that want to complete their dancing teachers’ exams. 

  8. Meditation: Focused around but not limited to dancing, our Mediation can help you focus your energies to ensure you perform at your best 

  9. Wedding Packages:  Ideal for husbands that don’t want to go for wedding dance lessons in a crowded studio. 

  10. Social Dancing: Aimed at getting those beginner dancers on the floor from the comfort of their homes 

  11. Body Conditioning & Yoga: Gets your dancers flexible and fit   

  12. Healthy Lifestyle: Gets your dancers healthy 

  13. Makeup: Teachers your dancers how to apply their makeup to enhance their look. 

  14. Massage: Teachers your dancers how to prepare their muscles before stretching and how to control pains and aches on competition day.