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DUO Season 1

Our previous Online competition was a huge success with entries coming in from around the world which included:









South Africa

United Kingdom


We had almost 50000 views on our YouTube channel where viewers could choose their Fan Favorite and the winners shared prizes to the value of $4900. 


Take a look below for more info and highlights of DUO Season 1

Season 1 Judges


DUO S1 Rules & Details

Contestants were required to submit Dance Videos; Solo, Duo or in Groups. The Overall winner was judged on Technique, Entertainment Value and Creativity.  An amazing team of Dance Specialists selected the top 10 videos. These videos were sent to our official panel of Adjudicators, who crowned the first "All Styles, Dance Unlimited Online CHAMPION!"     

Contestants could enter as many times as they like!!!     

MASSIVE Prizes were Won!!!:     

Other awards Up for Grabs....

 *Dance Comic (The biggest LOL factor)

 *Environmental Creativity (making the best use of the space available)

 *The Entertainer (The most Captivating, Thrilling, Exciting and Unpredictable video)

 *Young Dancer (The overall youngest contestant)

 *Ageless Dancer (The overall most ‘mature’ contestant)

 *Viewer’s Choice (The Ultimate Fan Favourite. Selected videos only)     

Competition Rules

1. This competition is for ALL ages and may be danced Solo, Duo, or in Groups. (No limit to size of group).

2. R100 (approx. USD $5.5) per Video Entry, no restriction on the number of entries per Solo, Duo or Group.

3. One Entry Form per Video Entry.

4. Videos should be a maximum of 90 seconds in their entirety. Videos longer than 90 seconds will be judged strictly on the first 90 seconds.

5. Filming can take place in any Location/Environment, SO GET CREATIVE!

6. Landscape is preferred but portrait will be accepted.

7. Video size is limited to 2GB’s and the only accepted file formats are .mov/.mp4/.avi

8. Any props are permitted.

9. Special effects and filters are not encouraged.

10. Foul language, profanity, racism or nudity, will result in immediate disqualification, at the organizer’s discretion.

11. The top 10 videos, selected by a team of dance specialists, will be sent to the Official panel of Adjudicators. The overall winner will be judged on Technique, Entertainment Value & Creativity.

12. Individual awards will be given for Dance Comic, Environmental Creativity, The Entertainer, Young Dancer, Ageless Dancer and Viewer’s Choice.

13. Selected Videos will be posted on Social Media. The Viewer’s Choice will be the Ultimate Fan Favourite.

14. All selected videos will be notified by email.

15. No members or direct family members of the Dance Unlimited Online Organizing Committee, the Dance Unlimited Technical Committee or the Panel of Adjudicators will be permitted to enter this competition.

16. The date that Winners will be announced will be advised after the Competition Closing Date, subject to the number of entries.     

Get Entered, Get Dancing, Get Winning!!


  • R10 000 ($500 USD).

  • 2 nights Accommodation for 10 people at a luxury Game Lodge.

  • Gift Vouchers from GoneSkiing, Gold Fashion,  Cristal@Gary Rom Hairdressing, Glam Studio and more.

  • Online Training in Make-Up, Starting and Running  your Own Business, as well as Various Dance Styles from some of our Fantastic      Adjudicators.

  • Turbovite Hamper.

  • CrampEase hampers.

  • Joint Eze Hampers.

  • Clothing from Dincwear Dance Attire UK. 

  • QueenE Ballroom or Latin Shoes!

  • Online IT support and Office 365 Integration!


Big thank you to our Season 1 Sponsors

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All Styles, All Ages, International Online Dance Competition.
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